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About us

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Our mission is to make affordable high quality pharmaceutical products for patients. We aim at gaining confidence of our partners, doctors and interested parties as the company that supports them with reliable healthcare services.

Our core values such as responsibility, reliability and openness join us together and give us a background for our mission realization.

We aim at complete professionalism and supreme ethical business standards via permanent focus on efficiency and quality.


UNIVERSE PHARM company aims at gaining confidence of doctors, patients, partners and other interested parties as a leader and as a company that supports them with high-quality and effective products and solutions. We shall develop our company by gaining confidence. UNIVERSE PHARM is directed to the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, science and is ready to co-operate with owners of patents on idea stage, development stage or finished pharmaceutical product stage. By marketing of these products in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market our company will solve the tasks of support of patients with high-quality and effective products, develop national science and its ecenomic objectives. UNIVERSE PHARM contacts with international companies that heavily involved in their local markets and do not plan to enter the Ukrainian market in virtue of their strategy or scarcity of resources, or their disinterest in the Ukrainian market, and liaises on marketing of their products in the Ukrainian market.

We are thought of as dynamic, targeted for a success company. We believe in our success. We have much to achieve, but we can do it. We are here for long: we think of the future of healthcare in Ukraine and also of the future of our staff.